Privacy and Security

Shopping from Virtual Store is both very safe and very easy.

Your order is under the assurance of Allegro Gold until it is delivered to you by the cargo company.

Shopping security at is provided by 256 bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Protocol. Thanks to the SSL Protocol, which is an industry standard in systems that are carried out electronically and where secure information flow is required, your credit card information you enter while shopping is encrypted independently from and securely transmitted to the Virtual Pos system of the bank to be authorized. The SSL Protocol also proves that you are not on a fake version of the site you want to be on, but that you are actually on the right site. You can examine the SSL certificate by double-clicking the lock icon at the bottom of the page where you enter your credit card information and the internet address changes from http to https. For more detailed information about the SSL Protocol, please visit

In your first shopping with a specific credit card, in order to provide extra security for the transaction that has been approved by the bank's Virtual POS system, the Fraud Security Department of the bank from which the provision is received is contacted and written confirmation is obtained that the credit card used is actually used by the cardholder whose name is written on it. If deemed necessary, the bank or officials may call the credit card holder by phone and ask for order confirmation. This practice is a standard required by the banking sector for a healthier shopping experience.